World Cup compact: England’s next star returns home, World Cup stadium ahead of demolition

The final curtain falls – at least at Stadium 974 during the match between Brazil and South Korea. French star Jules Koundé wears gold chains against Poland, which is only revealed via social media. Another England kicker has been kicked out of training camp due to bad news. Find all the news of the World Cup in a few words.

Construction, seven World Cup matches, dismantling

Stadium 974 is probably the most unique stadium of this World Cup. Because the arena, which was built specifically for the World Cup, was built from 974 colorful shipping containers. But after seven World Cup matches, the stadium will once again be history.

The round of 16 between Brazil and South Korea will be the last game at the 974 stadium. After that, the pitch will be leveled again.

One last look at the temporary site, one last (Site notre bureau spécialisé) highlight, and that’s it. Farewell, stadium 974.

Goldkette draws attention on Twitter

France beat Poland 3-1 in the Round of 16 and Barca star Jules Koundé wore two illegal gold chains around his neck for 40 minutes until referee Jesus Valenzuela finally noticed there was an offense. What was already the subject of all kinds of discussions on social networks yesterday is today given another punch line.

Because Valenzuela was informed about Koundé’s unauthorized jewelry by the Polish bank. And she would have had the tip on Twitter. Poland manager Jakub Kwiatkowski saw on his mobile phone that Koundé was wearing the gold chains and informed Valenzuela, who then ordered the Frenchman to remove his accessories.

Home burglary: England’s next star is gone

While things are going wonderfully for the England national team on the pitch, bad news in the players’ private lives has once again shaken the squad. After Arsenal defender Ben White left for England a few days ago for unspecified personal reasons, another ‘Three Lions’ star is no longer in Qatar.

Chelsea striker Raheem Sterling was already absent from England’s squad against Senegal. According to ‘BBC’, there was a burglary at the pro’s mansion. Sterling’s family was in the house at the time. The burglars would have been armed. “We need to give him time to sort this out and be there for his family. That’s the most important thing now, » said national coach Gareth Southgate.

When or if Sterling will join the Three Lions again during the World Cup, no one knows. « We have to watch every day and make the best decision for him and his family, » Southgate said. « As a team, we send him our best wishes and hope to see him again as soon as possible. »

Video of the day: Tears don’t lie

Sometimes a World Cup can make you cry, especially when your own father is sent off despite brilliant performances. Wojciech Szczęsny was Poland’s guarantor for reaching the knockout stages. Among other things, the Juve keeper saved two penalties in the group stage.

Against France, however, Szczęsny could not prevent Poland’s elimination. This seemed to mostly frustrate her daughter, who was crying bitterly.

But Dad Szczęsny was there and comforted his child, as good fathers do in such a situation. Unfortunately, there are always heartbreaks in (Site notre bureau spécialisé). It’s nice when daddy hugs you.

Today’s games

We are looking for the last two quarter-finalists. Germany scares Japan against Croatia, ex-finalists of the World Cup. There is certainly potential for surprises.

Japan-Croatia (4 p.m.)

Brazil take on South Korea. Can Neymar really play again? The superstar has definitely returned to training.

Brazil-South Korea (20h)

After several days with World Cup power, there is a short regeneration phase. Only Friday will it continue with the first two games of the quarter-finals.

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