ᑕ❶ᑐ Euro Leagues podcast: Premier League ‘almost funding’ European football

Euro Leagues Podcast: The Premier League
Chelsea spent €288m at the time of the January transfer window, not €107m on Enzo Fernandez. Their total expenditure was greater than that of France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined

The Premier League “almost finances” European (Site notre bureau spécialisé), La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 rise to become “feeder leagues”, but also French journalist Julien Laurens.

Premier League clubs spent €815m during the January transfer window.

This is more than four times the 198 million euros accumulated in Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

“At the moment the only league where you can afford to import who is the Premier League,” Laurens said.

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Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Euro Leagues podcast, the French (Site notre bureau spécialisé) expert added: « Bournemouth have the capacity to spend €60m or €70m in a January transfer window. Other leagues can’t become feeder leagues for the Premier League, but right now that’s what it looks like.

« People who run French clubs rely on English clubs to spend 20 or 30 million euros to sign one of their players. If you have a young player who is not too bad in Ligue 1, someone ‘England can say he could be good, here’s 40 million pounds.

“The Premier League almost funds European (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

“If English clubs only depend on money to buy players in the Premier League, a lot of [French] The clubs thought ‘Oh no, we need that money’.

“Fifa and UEFA must look into the matter. I don’t know if you can limit the expenses to 100 or 150 million euros. [per club]I don’t know if it’s possible. »

Euro Leagues Podcast: The Premier League
A comparison of Premier League club spending in the January 2022 and 2023 transfer windows

Britain’s transfer record was broken on deadline day with Chelsea signing Argentina midfielder Enzo Fernandez from Benfica for €121m (€107m), with the Blues spending around €288m euros in January alone.

« It’s incredible that the country that has protested the most against the Super League is [effectively] the Super League,” according to James Horncastle, a (Site notre bureau spécialisé) expert in Germany.

“You can’t blame the Premier League for being the best commercial league in the world. But it saddens me that Europe has become development leagues for Premier League teams.”

Horncastle revealed that Premier League clubs would struggle to get rid of their unwanted players as no one else would be able to afford the transfer fee or cover their wages.

He added: “Premier League clubs are so much richer than others. They sign these players for huge sums, give them ‘reasonable’ wages for Chelsea, but those wages are super, super expensive compared to European clubs, so it’s hard to sell them or loan them out in Europe.

“When Manchester City sell Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko, Raheem Sterling is sold to Chelsea to Arsenal.

“European clubs cannot afford these players in the Premier League, even those sitting on the bench. What they earn is too expensive for German teams.”

Figures from financial services firm Deloitte indicate that spending by top-flight English clubs accounts for 79% of the total in Europe’s ‘big five’ (Site notre bureau spécialisé) leagues.

« Over the past five years, €1 billion has gone from England to France, €1 billion from England to Germany, » said Belgian (Site notre bureau spécialisé) journalist Kristof Terror.

“The Belgian league sells its players to English clubs.

“Belgian clubs have all lost €200m in the last accounting period, then the Premier League comes in and they can sell their players – the Premier League saves them.

“It’s a desperate situation in Europe. »

🚨 For 121 million euros: Chelsea seizes a world champion

The standoff between Benfica and Chelsea (Site notre blog d’information) Club against Argentinian world champion Enzo Fernández has come to an end. With the end of the transfer window, the midfielder joined the Blues for a new record in England.

A deal was struck minutes before the deadline. Benfica issued a press release later that night, which also confirmed the record sum of €121m, which means a new English transfer record.

The midfielder signed a contract with the Blues until 2031.

Previously, Romelu Lukaku was the most expensive transfer in English (Site notre bureau spécialisé) history at €113m.

ᑕ❶ᑐ Messi reveals behind the scenes of World Cup victory and says what he can’t see until today that makes him emotional: ‘It’s crazy’

Craque thanked the tributes he received after his victory with Argentina and clapped with the entire cheering crowd

It’s been a little over a month since the Argentina win the title of world Cup. But the memories will last forever Lionel Messi. The main responsible for the third championship of the Argentines showed all the emotion he felt and the « weight he took off his shoulders » with the title most important career.

“Everything goes through your head and at the same time, nothing. I can’t believe we finally made it. It is very difficult to explain what I felt. That’s it, it’s over, I had everything with the national team, as I always dreamed of. The Cup ended my career in a unique way. I never imagined that I would achieve all of this when I started. After so much time, after so much suffering. There were times when I suffered a lot with the selection, a lot of frustration, a lot of criticism of all kinds and I know that my family has suffered even more than me. They suggested showing me that they were strong, but I knew that they suffered from the injustices that were said about me, that it went beyond (Site notre bureau spécialisé) and that was what bothered me and hurt me a lot. We won the Copa America and the World Cupthere is nothing left”, he let go, in an interview on the show “ street dogs“.

Crack, author of two but in the finalsays he has yet to review the match against France and remembers the fans and the Argentines’ reaction to the title campaign as unforgettable. For him, the highlight was welcoming the players back home.

“We gave the fans an unforgettable month. It was a whole month that the Argentinian people lived only for the World Cup and it ended like that, with the title. Christmas and New Years were in the background. It was nice to come back. It was a long trip as we left around 5am. We celebrated for about 7 hours. Imagine taking that trip after losing. It was extraordinary. I slept for an hour or two. I got up and turned on the TV and there were already people at the obelisk. They were talking about what was going to be done, which we didn’t even know. That’s when I realized it was going to be crazy and we weren’t going to be able to continue with the bus. It was crazy. Adults, children, people of all ages. The happiness that they had was read on their faces.. Best of all, how people behaved because there were five million people and luckily nothing happened, there were people hanging on, wanting to jump on the bus. I watch the videos and to this day I get emotional. People who gathered, friends, family. It’s very exciting. »

Messi’s consecration has been elated by the whole world. Your first post on Instagram after winning quickly became the most liked photo in the history of the social network. And he can’t even measure all the affection he has received, also from other great athletes.

« I’m so grateful, everyone who’s said anything about me is a world star, number 1 at what they do. My cell phone was exploding. I started responding to close friends and family. I did it for a few days, also on Instagram, because I got a million messages. »

Who convinced? Vote for the top eleven of the 18th day now!

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Bundesliga Matchday 18 is over and it’s time to choose the matchday squad again. Who were the best actors? Now the TM community can decide which pro deserves a place in the selection. The election runs until Monday at 1pm – click here to vote!

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Choose your Bundesliga matchday top eleven!

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Football – 100% Sport in Picardy: Pascal Tranquille and Claude Coquema invited this January 30

The president of the Somme (Site notre bureau spécialisé) district and his counterpart from Oise will be on the set of the Courrier Picard sports service program, this Monday, January 30, 2023.

Published: January 29, 2023 at 11:22 p.m.

Reading time :
1 minute

« 100% sport in Picardy », the program of the sports department of Picard mailthen this Monday, January 30, 2023 the floor to Pascal Tranquille, the president of the Somme (Site notre blog d’information) District, and to his counterpart from Oise, Claude Coquema.

Both will be presented on set and will discuss in particular the resumption of the Championships, as well as the situation at the French (Site notre blog d’information) Federation.

Record every Monday noon at the headquarters of the Picard mailin Amiens, the program « 100% sport in Picardy » is broadcast by Woo twice today, at 3:45 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.


Further reruns will take place on Tuesday, January 31 at 3:45 p.m. and Wednesday, February 1 at 4:50 p.m. Picard mail (courrier-picard.fr) and Woo (weo.fr).

find Woo on DTT channel 35 or, via a box, on channels 325 (BBox), 387 (Orange), 941 (Free) or 487 (SFR numericable Nord-Pas de Calais). « 100% sport in Picardy » will continue in our edition of this Tuesday, January 31 on a single page.

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👉 The chaotic years of Hertha summed up in a tweet

After Fredi Bobic was sent off yesterday, Hertha BSC are still in the well-known chaos fans have grown accustomed to in recent years.

What happened with the Berliners in the recent past would probably be enough for at least five clubs, but still fits in one tweet, as @BigCityClubBSC proves.

From Klinsmann to Magath via the expulsion of Bobic. phew The next chapter will then open today at 1 p.m. when officials want to explain at a press conference how things should continue.

RW Oberhausen: Michael Wentzel before joining St. Louis CITY SC in MLS

Transfer Market Information

St. Louis CITY SC is set to sign the next German player. According to information from (Site notre blog d’information).us, Michael Wentzel from Rot-Weiß Oberhausen arrives at the new MLS club, which will start in North America’s top league for the first time next season. First, « Revier Sport » reported on it, but wrote in the report of a transfer fee which is not due according to information from TM.

Central defender Wentzel is a low-risk transfer for Saint-Louis. The 20-year-old holds an American passport because he was born in the United States while his father was teaching at Penn State University, so he does not claim an alien place. With St. Louis planning to start the season with 25-year-old Kyle Hiebert and 28-year-old Joshua Yaro in central defense, Wentzel will have time to develop.

Wentzel comes from Borussia Mönchengladbach youth team and was offered by MLS club Austin FC last season but decided to move to Oberhausen. This season he has played 16 games in the Regionalliga West. St. Louis CITY SC will open its first MLS away season against Austin FC on February 25, with Roman Bürki (32), Joakim Nilsson (28), Eduard Löwen (25), Tomas Ostrak (22 years old) and João Klauss (25 years old). a number of former professionals in Germany in the club’s squad.

Selected by MLS: « The 25 Greatest » with Beckham, Donovan & Co.

Bradley Wright Phillips | 231 games

&copy imago images

New York Red Bulls, Los Angeles F.C.

Chris Wondolowski | 416 games

&copy Devin L’Amoreaux and Matt Stith/MLS

San Jose Earthquakes, Houston Dynamo

Diego Valeri | 273 matches

&copy imago images

Portland Woods

Carlos Valderrama | 167 matches

&copy imago images

Tampa Bay Mutiny, Miami Fusion, Colorado Rapids

Nick Rimando | 427 games

&copy imago images

Miami Fusion, DC United, Real Salt Lake

Steve Ralston | 388 games

&copy imago images

Tampa Bay Mutiny, New England Revolution

&copy imago images

Miami Fusion, Wizards of Kansas City

&copy imago images

DC United, MetroStars/Red Bulls, Real Salt Lake

Jaime Moreno | 358 games

&copy imago images

DC United, Metrostars

&copy imago images

MetroStars, Wizards, New York Red Bulls

Joseph Martinez | 93 games

&copy Atlanta United F.C.

Atlanta United

Chad Marshall | 439 games

&copy imago images

Columbus Crew, Seattle Sounders

Robbie Kean | 144 games

&copy imago images

The Galaxy

&copy imago images

The Galaxy

Kevin Hartman | 447 games

&copy imago images

LA Galaxy, Wizards, Dallas, New York Red Bulls

Sebastien Giovinco | 142 games

&copy imago images

Toronto F.C.

Robin Fraser | 264 games

&copy imago images

LA Galaxy, Colorado Rapids, Columbus Crew.

Marco Etcheverry | 193 games

&copy imago images

DC United

Landon Donovan | 366 games

&copy imago images

San Jose, LA Galaxy Earthquakes

Clint Dempsey | 209 games

&copy imago images

New England Revolution, Seattle Sounders

Dwayne de Rosario | 340 games

&copy imago images

Quakes, Houston, Toronto FC, New York Red Bulls, DC United

David Beckham | 124 games

&copy imago images

The Galaxy

Kyle Beckerman | 523 games

&copy major league soccer

Miami Fusion, Colorado Rapids, Real Salt Lake

&copy imago images

DC United, Earthquakes, New York Red Bulls

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OM: N’Diaye does not want Bailly – football

During the 32nd final of the Coupe de France won by Olympique de Marseille against Hyres (2-0) on January 7, Marseille central defender Eric Bailly was sent off for a dangerous foul on Hyrois midfielder Almike Moussa N’Diaye ( 26 years). Still recovering, the amateur player did not show the slightest resentment towards the Ivorian during an interview with the media RMC this Saturday.

« ric Bailly came to visit me at the hospital. I felt he was very touched and he apologized for his gesture. This allowed us to discuss and since then he also regularly hears from me. brutal shock and the injuries are heavy but I don’t blame him at all, because I am convinced that he had no intention of hurting me. Injuries are part of the job and every (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er must accept them », commented N ‘ Diaye, stopping for 2 3 months.

As a reminder, Bailly was rightly suspended for 7 games this week (See here)

Mercato Tottenham: Lucas Moura on Everton – Football

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