Aurélien Tchouameni is not the most resplendent Blues player since the start of the World Cup. The Real Madrid player nevertheless plays a key role with the Blues in Qatar: he is indeed the one who allows the France team to display the attacking face that is his.

“Aurélien, he has an important role in the sense that we play with a lot of offensive players. We have a fairly offensive team with Grizou who plays in midfield but who is an offensive player and even an attacker. In front there is Kylian, Ousmane and Olivier who are also attackers. Théo on the left who is also very offensive and I also like to project myself a lot so he also has this role of player who compensates and who must plug the gaps, recover the balls”, thus analyzed Adrien Rabiot in a press conference.

“It gives me the opportunity to project myself if I also have to adapt in relation to Théo and Kylian. But the fact of being able to play as I like to do, and not just having to defend and recover balls like a midfielder, but being able to project myself, go into the box, he added. And he is behind us to reassure the cover so he really has an important role in this midfield between Antoine and me. »