Esp: Atlético defeated Mallorca – Football

11/09Esp: Atlético beat Mallorca 11/09Eng. (Cpe): Liverpool got scared 11/09Eng. (Cpe): Man City leaves Chelsea! 11/09This is. : Inter cracks Bologna! 11/09Eng. (Cpe): Arsenal and Tottenham eliminated! 11/09Come on. : Freiburg and Union Berlin Brakes 11/09EdF: the happiness of Tchouamni 11/09EdF: also available for the World Cup? 11/09Nantes: Kombouar knows his sanction 11/09EdF: Deschamps explains himself for Clauss 11/09EdF: Giroud, Deschamps gives a layer 11/09EdF: the major absentees from the list 11/09EdF: Deschamps announces a return 4 behind 11/09EdF: the World Cup, Camavinga can’t wait to be there 11/09EdF: Qatar, Deschamps evoke the controversies 11/09EdF: the CdM, and « dream » for Mbappé 11/09EdF: Fofana thrilled 11/09EdF: Deschamps warns Giroud 11/09EdF: Varane-Kimpembe, the precision of Deschamps 11/09EdF: the list for the World Cup! 11/09This is. : Atalanta beaten, Roma must 11/09Atletico: PSG knows the price of Joao Flix 11/09PSG: 3 recruits present in January 11/09PSG: Al-Khelafi dzingue the Super League! 11/09Lyon: Blanc’s response to the transfer window 11/09EdF: Veretout tipped in the list 11/09South Korea: good news for Son! 11/09OM: the partnership with Cazoo will end 11/09OM: Niang hails Payet’s mentality 11/09Nantes: arbitration, what fate for Kombouar? 11/09Bara: a historic victory Osasuna 11/09EdF: Clauss and Digne deprived of Mondial 11/09Bara: a rhythm of champion 11/09Nice: Lemina and the importance of Ghisolfi 11/09PSG: back on the track of Richarlison? 11/09Brussels: Firmino is not resentful 11/09Flamengo: Maia offers her son N8 Gerson 11/09Bara: Piqu, red and record to finish 11/09Bavaria: Man, a press release on his injury 11/09L1: the dates of the 2023-2024 season known 11/09OM: Gerson will leave well 11/09PHOTO: A very special montage with Belaili 11/09Nice: Will Favre make it through the winter? 11/09Real: Ancelotti reassures for Benzema 11/09England: package confirmed for James 11/09CdM 2022: a Cameroon-Morocco final for Eto’o 11/09Croatia: the list without Caleta-Car and Rebic 11/09Switzerland: the list with Zakaria, without Mbabu 11/09Real: Guti doesn’t understand for Benzema 11/09Man Utd: Ronaldo a pen at PSG 11/09Australia: Volpato refuses the election 11/09Song: Man package for the World Cup! 11/09Troyes: why Irles took the door 11/09Bara: what Piqu said the referee 11/09EdF: Clauss is sure to be on the list? 11/09Lyon: Boateng or knee 11/09Song: reassuring news for Man? 11/09EdF: editable list until November 21 11/09EdF: Benzema will be ready for Australia 11/08Esp. : 10, the Bara snatch the victory 11/08Lyon: Juninho turns on Garcia! 11/08Man City: Guardiola clear on the transfer window 11/08This is. : Milan hooked by Cremonese… 11/08Come on. : Bayern rolls 6-1! 11/08OM: Gerson and Flamengo, one is confirmed! 11/08PSG: Bayern, confident Algerino 11/08Song: little concern for Man 11/08Bara: Raphinha no longer wants to play on the left 11/08OM: Gerson, Flamengo in the game? 11/08Come on. : Fall Dortmund Wolfsburg 11/08This is. : Lozano liberates Naples! 11/08Lyon: Juninho pained by Aulas 11/08Switzerland: Mvogo will miss the World Cup 11/08Argentina: Lo Celso out of World Cup 11/08PSG: Messi, Inter Miami Responds 11/08Lyon: two recruits desired by Blanc? 11/08Belgium: Lukaku, Martinez in doubt 11/08UEFA: a press release against the Super League 11/08Real: Liverpool, Ancelotti attend the show 11/08Man City: Bara has not forgotten Laporte 11/08Brazil: Tite justifies the choice of Dani Alves 11/08Man City: Guardiola and his respect for Leipzig 11/08CdM 2022: Sampaoli dzings the choice of Qatar 11/08EdF: the Kimpembe case questions the staff 11/08Real: Perez flatters Benzema again 11/08CdM 2022: the political proposals of K. Salman 11/08Villarreal: Emery justifies his departure 11/08OM: the winter transfer window, Longoria warns 11/08Monaco: Bayern change their plans with Nbel 11/08OM: Longoria returns to Dieng’s act 11/08Real: Valverde’s strike on … a balcony! 11/08Strasbourg: Cellar to reframe the players 11/08Lyon: Benzema will present his son Ballon d’Or 11/08OM: Gueye also in Sampaoli’s sights? 11/08Brazil: Alves’ tears of joy 11/08Troyes: Irles set (Site notre bureau spécialisé)! (official) 11/08Man Utd: Choupo-Moting targeted for CR7 replacement 11/08Betis: Fekir, Newcastle will win a bid 11/08Angers: a last chance for Baticle? 11/08FIFA: the World Cup in Qatar, Blatter’s regret 11/08Denmark: a first list with Eriksen 11/08Man Utd: Ronaldo’s departure awaits this winter 11/08Lyon: Govou’s observation after the Olympico 11/08OM: Gerson is at least €20m 11/08OM: its future, Harit confirms! 11/08PSG: Gueye did not plan to leave 11/08Tottenham: Conte attacks supporters 11/08PSG: Caillot explains the deal for Ekitike 11/08Real: Ancelotti explains defeat 11/07Esp. : Real defeated, Bara leading! 11/07L2: ASSE relapse Metz 11/07Miscellaneous: the call of the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) of Dall’Oglio 11/07Man Utd: Raiola, Pogba’s anecdote 11/07OM: call option exercised for Harit 11/07Lecce: Umtiti Razor 11/07Nice: Favre sees a new Schmeichel 11/07PSG: Confident clot for Ekitike 11/07Cameroon: Eto’o wants to be inspired by Mourinho 11/07Liverpool: Klopp saves Real 11/07PSG: Bayern, affordable draw for Bodmer

📺 Praying in front of the TV: this is how Brazilian stars celebrate their appointment

Being present at a World Cup is something very special for every player on the planet. Playing for a country like Brazil is not easy. Because the Seleção team is packed with all sorts of big stars, players who would be regulars on almost any other national team have no place in the Brazil squad.

The most recent example is Liverpool star Roberto Firmino, who didn’t make the squad for the 2022 World Cup, although the former Hoffenheimer could still be an absolute difference player.

The other Brazilian stars seemed well aware of the difficulty of finding a place in coach Tite’s squad. As a result, the kickers cheered exuberantly along with family and friends in front of televisions as the names were announced.

United star Antony is taking part in a World Cup for the first time. So did his Premier League colleague Richarlison, who buried his face in front of the television until his name was called. Did the abuser say a last prayer? At least it was heard.

Much like Richarlison, Newcastle star Bruno Guimarães paused for a moment before emotions boiled over in him and his loved ones.

But it’s not just European players who have been selected for the Winter World Cup. Everton Ribeiro plays for traditional Brazilian club Flamengo. The midfield partner in particular seems particularly happy with the appointment.

So many emotions without the tournament even starting? Brazil’s World Cup squad announcement makes this possible.

PSG: Extension in sight for a manager

PSG would have spent the second to extend their Captain Marquinhos.

The love story between PSG etc Marquinhos looks set to last. Landed in Paris in the summer of 2013, the 28-year-old Brazilian defender is about to extend his lease in the capital for three more seasons, i.e. until June 2027, reports the daily. The Team.

The Parisian captain would achieve unanimity internally and some club leaders would even maintain that he would end his career on the side of the Parc des Princes. A perspective that also seems to be excited about the main interested party.

« I always want to stay »

“I have always had my mind at PSG. I have a year and a half of my contract left. I always want to staya declared Marquinhos after PSG’s victory in Turin on Wednesday evening. The club shows me its confidence in me. There are discussions. I hope everything will end well. Before the World Cup? Have. »

Martial also recovers in time

Like Lucas Hernandez, who resumed collective training on Monday with Bayern, Anthony Martial is back in business in the ranks of Manchester United.

After missing six matches with the Red Devils due to a back injury, the 26-year-old striker (30 caps, two goals) can apply for a place in the France group for the 2022 World Cup (from November 20 to November 18). December).

The former Monegasque, however, has not been called up by Didier Deschamps since the Final Four of the League of Nations last year. Premier League and Europa League combined, the interested party scored 3 goals and delivered two decisive assists in four games this season.

ᑕ❶ᑐ AC Milan extended with head coach Pioli

Head coach Stefano Pioli has extended his contract with AC Milan until 2025. It was announced by the Rossoneri on Monday.

Together, they will « pursue an ambitious project which reflects the values ​​and the history of the club », he declared. Pioli led Milan to their 19th Scudetto last season, ending a one-game losing streak.

In the current season, the defending champions are third in the table after twelve games, six points behind leaders SSC Napoli.

Nantes: the emotion of Kombouar – Football

00:04Nantes: the Kombouar movement 10/27Monza: dagger, Pablo Mari tells 10/27Nantes: Lafont underlines the mentality 10/27Nantes: the immense joy of Ganago! 10/27Monaco: Ben Yedder refuses to rate 2nd place 10/27Rennes: Genesio gives news of Mandanda 10/27Monaco: Twitter rages against Clement… 10/27LEC: the results of the evening 10/27C3: the results of the evening 10/27C3: the classification of group G (Nantes) 10/27C3: Nantes 2-1 Qarabag (final) 10/27C3: the classification of group H (Monaco) 10/27C3: Ferencvaros 1-1 Monaco (final) 10/27Nice: Favre attends « much more » 10/27Monza: Pablo Mari, news from Arteta 10/27Rennes: B. Genesio – « if there is a fool… » 10/27VIDEO: another little goalkeeper inspired… 10/27Monza: Pablo Mari dagger near Milan 10/27VIDEO: Blas can thank the opposing goalkeeper 10/27Rennes: professional misconduct according to Bourigeaud 10/27C3: Class group B (Rennes) 10/27LEC: the classification of group D (Nice) 10/27C3: Fenerbahçe 3-3 Rennes (final) 10/27LEC: Nice 2-1 Partizan (final) 10/27EdF: Dubois a hope for the World Cup 10/27OM: Bailly hopes for Tottenham 10/27C3: Nantes-Qarabag, the compositions 10/27Bara: Henry defends Xavi 10/27C3: Ferencvaros-Monaco, line-ups 10/27Arsenal: G. Jesus – « the best decision » 10/27Bara: Xavi is not threatened 10/27Juve: Di Maria denies wanting to leave 10/27Naples: Annes Maradona’s record broken 10/27Germany: New survey before the World Cup 10/27LEC: Nice-Partizan, line-ups 10/27C3: Fenerbahe-Rennes, the compositions 10/27Lazio: Milinkovic-Savic, Lotito cashes 10/27OM: Torino, Radonjic made efforts 10/27Real: Vinicius responds on his future 10/27Naples: Simeone, the incredible pre-son record 10/27Real: the spade of Tebas Prez 10/27PSG: Le Grat judges Mbappé’s salary 10/27OM: head and heart, Lloris warns 10/27EdF: Deschamps smashes the media! 10/27Bara: Laporta’s message to the fans 10/27EdF: the blessed, Deschamps warns again 10/27OM: Tottenham, Niang believes he is exploiting it 10/27Bara: Germany found excuses 10/27EdF: Pogba, Deschamps defends him and gets annoyed! 10/27PSG: the results of Ramos 10/27Atlético: Simeone flies to the aid of Carrasco 10/27EdF: Juninho militates for Giroud 10/27OM: Beye pings Tudor’s choices 10/27VIDEO: Carrasco, the crack of Bakker 10/27Inter: Summit meeting for Skriniar 10/27Tottenham: Lucas fears the madness of the Velodrome 10/27Brest: The Douaron extends (official) 10/27PSG: Paredes, the doubts of Juve … 10/27Atlético: Simeone does not count the holes 10/27OM: Mbemba accuses the blow 10/27Bara: a smashing check for the media 10/27EdF: Zidane, Henry has no doubts 10/27Bara: Xavi’s cold observation 10/27Tottenham: Furious Tale of Injustice 10/27Inter: Skriniar, the confident president 10/27OM: Guendouzi, Tudor explains 10/27Leverkusen: Diaby didn’t understand Turpin 10/27LdC: a historic drought for Spain 10/27Naples: the rumor Ronaldo already dyed 10/27LdC: Atletico eliminates, but cheers! 10/27OM: qualifying, Clauss does not throw in the towel 10/27LdC: the ranking of scorers 10/26Bara: the strong words of Pedri 10/26OM: Tudor attends the « final » against Tottenham 10/26Bavaria: the Bara, a privileged prey! 10/26Frankfurt: Kolo Muani a pleasure 10/26OM: incidents around Frankfurt Park 10/26OM: the lack of realism, the disappointment of Harit 10/26LdC: OM qualified… 10/26LdC: the results of the evening 10/26LdC: the classification of group D (OM) 10/26LdC: the classification of group C (Bavaria) 10/26Champions League: Barcelona 0-3 Bavaria (final) 10/26LdC: Frankfurt 2-1 Marseille (finished) 10/26VIDEO: Lukaku, 4 minutes were enough! 10/26VIDEO: Turpin everything by Griezmann! 10/26LFP: the Slimani file under investigation 10/26VIDEOS: Kolo Muani responds to Guendouzi 10/26VIDEO: OM dj men score… 10/26LdC: Inter eliminates Bara! 10/26OM: Tebas slipped a McCourt tackle 10/26LdC: two zeros for a big win? 10/26LdC: Frankfurt-Marseille, line-ups 10/26LdC: Barcelona-Bayern, line-ups 10/26LdC: OM qualified for the 8th si… 10/26Man Utd: Ronaldo’s message after his return 10/26Lens: Fofana, Haise explains his slack 10/26Montpellier: Ankle sprain for Omlin 10/26EdF: Deschamps priority for the post-World Cup 10/26Juve: Di Maria dreams of another club 10/26Villarreal: Pochettino said no 10/26Arsenal: 2 recruits in January? 10/26EdF: Digne’s turn to return 10/26Frankfurt: a worrying stat for OM 10/26FFF: Le Grat responds to accusations 10/26Dortmund: Haller trains with Ajax 10/26PSG: the defensive doubts of P. Schmeichel 10/26EdF: image rights, players’ press release 10/26LdC (U19): OM beaten and eliminated 10/26Juve: Di Canio saw shameful defense 10/26Palmeiras: DJ and record for Endrick! 10/26Bavaria: Nagelsmann does not regret Lewandowski 10/26Juve: a secret document on Ronaldo found 10/26Real: an attitude problem for Camavinga 10/26Man Utd: Ten Hag confirms the return of CR7 10/26PSG: Kimpembe, the dive of Nasri 10/26Man Utd: Varane absent until World Cup 10/26Sporting: Amorim responds again on Ronaldo 10/26Frankfurt: the L1, the constant cash of Kolo Muani 10/26PSG: the MNM, Vitinha feels privileged

ᑕ❶ᑐ Ex-France striker identifies major concern with PSG trio Messi, Neymar and Mbappe

Even after Paris Saint-Germain secured a 7-2 win at home to Maccabi Haifa in the UEFA Champions League group stage, former France striker Jérôme Rothen is yet to be fully won by the attacking trio. of the team Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

The 3 star forwards combine to score or assist on six of PSG’s seven goals that day. When on the ball, the trio just keep pushing their way into the final third. But off the ball, Rothen, as he noted on RMC sportsYou program « Rothen ignites », sees that they still do little each to help PSG regain possession of the ball.

« On the other hand, the real problem for PSG is without the ball, » Rothen said. “How does PSG do when they lose the ball? Do the 3 in front want to help the collective to recover it? Today, I tell you no. This team is too fragile.

“When there is pace and technical quality in front of them, they find themselves in danger too quickly, they fall back too easily and they concede too many chances. This is an area for improvement.”

In total, PSG won 41 duels in total and also had 19 successful tackles in the home win over Maccabi Haifa. The current Ligue 1 leaders made the most of their time on the ball in the contest, which left 14 shots in total inside the box.

PSG will then meet Troyes for a home game on the 13th day of Ligue 1.

Soccer. Goal FC wants to register for the long term

West Lyon club around Chasselay, Tassin, Champagne, Anse, Neuville, St-Germain and Chazay, for futsal and women’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé), and also Parcieux (Ain), below, with the location of FC facilities Bords-de-Saône for headline training, Goal FC (1800 members) is with all its sections, the biggest club in France and aspires to be evaluated again to register over time.

In two years, the president Jocelyn Fontanel, the deputy president, Olivier Delorme and their team,…

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