HSV held discussions with Breitenreiter and Funkel

Both don’t match in my opinion. I don’t see Funkel and Boldt as a duo capable of working together, and Breitenreiter is not better than Walter, just maybe more flexible in choosing the system.

Why Walter should go:
Point 1:
If I see that the central defenders – even new ones – can neither complement Schönlau nor get closer to Vuskovic, I should rethink the system with the passing game in their half.

Point 2:
If I notice that the fullbacks, except Van der Brembt, cannot handle the system, I should rethink the system with the passing game in their own half.

Point 3:
If the wingers get worse and don’t develop further, I would have to rethink the 4-3-3 system.

Item 4:
If my players fail to maintain a lead over time because they continue to play the same way and don’t play safe or secure the ball in the opponent’s half, I should rethink the system.

Point 5:
If I notice that my team is no longer scoring away points and not performing as expected, especially against supposedly weaker teams, I should rethink the system.

Point 6:
If my key players are injured or out of shape, then I would have to rethink the system.

And if anyone from the fan-coaching team starts now, I’m going to freak out. HSV filled the stadium before Walter and would do so without him if the fans saw that the players put their heart and soul into it. With the exception of the first year of the second division, HSV has always had an average score above 50/51/52,000 in non-corona times, so there you go.

And if someone said that success proves the coach right, I would simply say what success?
Failed twice in relegation with a team that was still considered the big favorite before the start of the season?
The first relegation was particularly bitter because you even won in Berlin and were simply too stubborn and stubborn to approach an opponent differently and change the system in the second leg?
Their performance this season shows that they had no chance against Stuttgart.

I’m not saying that HSV has to win every game, but the common thread of needlessly losing points unfortunately runs through all the years of the second division, even in Walter’s era – and that’s despite having three strongest teams in terms of quality all the years. . Every HSV fan must ask themselves: Wouldn’t a coach with a somewhat variable playing style have been promoted a long time ago?

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