And great symbols. With his « F*ck cancer » crampons on his feet, Sébastien Haller opened his counter with Borussia Dortmund this Saturday against Freiburg, as part of the 19e Bundesliga matchday (5-1 win for Borussia).

Poached this summer from Ajax to reinforce an orphan attack by Erling Haaland, the 28-year-old Franco-Ivorian striker was diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly after his arrival in Germany. These are follow-ups of long months of doubt and anguish for the elephant, punctuated by two operations and four cycles of chemotherapy.

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In remission and back to business on the pitch on January 22, Sébastien Haller will not have waited long to shake the nets across the Rhine. His head spiked six meters at the expense of the Friborg residents will have allowed his team to break (3-1) in a pivotal moment of the game, after returning from the locker room. With much more than the three points of victory at stake.