Esp: Atlético defeated Mallorca – Football

11/09Esp: Atlético beat Mallorca 11/09Eng. (Cpe): Liverpool got scared 11/09Eng. (Cpe): Man City leaves Chelsea! 11/09This is. : Inter cracks Bologna! 11/09Eng. (Cpe): Arsenal and Tottenham eliminated! 11/09Come on. : Freiburg and Union Berlin Brakes 11/09EdF: the happiness of Tchouamni 11/09EdF: also available for the World Cup? 11/09Nantes: Kombouar knows his sanction 11/09EdF: Deschamps explains himself for Clauss 11/09EdF: Giroud, Deschamps gives a layer 11/09EdF: the major absentees from the list 11/09EdF: Deschamps announces a return 4 behind 11/09EdF: the World Cup, Camavinga can’t wait to be there 11/09EdF: Qatar, Deschamps evoke the controversies 11/09EdF: the CdM, and « dream » for Mbappé 11/09EdF: Fofana thrilled 11/09EdF: Deschamps warns Giroud 11/09EdF: Varane-Kimpembe, the precision of Deschamps 11/09EdF: the list for the World Cup! 11/09This is. : Atalanta beaten, Roma must 11/09Atletico: PSG knows the price of Joao Flix 11/09PSG: 3 recruits present in January 11/09PSG: Al-Khelafi dzingue the Super League! 11/09Lyon: Blanc’s response to the transfer window 11/09EdF: Veretout tipped in the list 11/09South Korea: good news for Son! 11/09OM: the partnership with Cazoo will end 11/09OM: Niang hails Payet’s mentality 11/09Nantes: arbitration, what fate for Kombouar? 11/09Bara: a historic victory Osasuna 11/09EdF: Clauss and Digne deprived of Mondial 11/09Bara: a rhythm of champion 11/09Nice: Lemina and the importance of Ghisolfi 11/09PSG: back on the track of Richarlison? 11/09Brussels: Firmino is not resentful 11/09Flamengo: Maia offers her son N8 Gerson 11/09Bara: Piqu, red and record to finish 11/09Bavaria: Man, a press release on his injury 11/09L1: the dates of the 2023-2024 season known 11/09OM: Gerson will leave well 11/09PHOTO: A very special montage with Belaili 11/09Nice: Will Favre make it through the winter? 11/09Real: Ancelotti reassures for Benzema 11/09England: package confirmed for James 11/09CdM 2022: a Cameroon-Morocco final for Eto’o 11/09Croatia: the list without Caleta-Car and Rebic 11/09Switzerland: the list with Zakaria, without Mbabu 11/09Real: Guti doesn’t understand for Benzema 11/09Man Utd: Ronaldo a pen at PSG 11/09Australia: Volpato refuses the election 11/09Song: Man package for the World Cup! 11/09Troyes: why Irles took the door 11/09Bara: what Piqu said the referee 11/09EdF: Clauss is sure to be on the list? 11/09Lyon: Boateng or knee 11/09Song: reassuring news for Man? 11/09EdF: editable list until November 21 11/09EdF: Benzema will be ready for Australia 11/08Esp. : 10, the Bara snatch the victory 11/08Lyon: Juninho turns on Garcia! 11/08Man City: Guardiola clear on the transfer window 11/08This is. : Milan hooked by Cremonese… 11/08Come on. : Bayern rolls 6-1! 11/08OM: Gerson and Flamengo, one is confirmed! 11/08PSG: Bayern, confident Algerino 11/08Song: little concern for Man 11/08Bara: Raphinha no longer wants to play on the left 11/08OM: Gerson, Flamengo in the game? 11/08Come on. : Fall Dortmund Wolfsburg 11/08This is. : Lozano liberates Naples! 11/08Lyon: Juninho pained by Aulas 11/08Switzerland: Mvogo will miss the World Cup 11/08Argentina: Lo Celso out of World Cup 11/08PSG: Messi, Inter Miami Responds 11/08Lyon: two recruits desired by Blanc? 11/08Belgium: Lukaku, Martinez in doubt 11/08UEFA: a press release against the Super League 11/08Real: Liverpool, Ancelotti attend the show 11/08Man City: Bara has not forgotten Laporte 11/08Brazil: Tite justifies the choice of Dani Alves 11/08Man City: Guardiola and his respect for Leipzig 11/08CdM 2022: Sampaoli dzings the choice of Qatar 11/08EdF: the Kimpembe case questions the staff 11/08Real: Perez flatters Benzema again 11/08CdM 2022: the political proposals of K. Salman 11/08Villarreal: Emery justifies his departure 11/08OM: the winter transfer window, Longoria warns 11/08Monaco: Bayern change their plans with Nbel 11/08OM: Longoria returns to Dieng’s act 11/08Real: Valverde’s strike on … a balcony! 11/08Strasbourg: Cellar to reframe the players 11/08Lyon: Benzema will present his son Ballon d’Or 11/08OM: Gueye also in Sampaoli’s sights? 11/08Brazil: Alves’ tears of joy 11/08Troyes: Irles set (Site notre bureau spécialisé)! (official) 11/08Man Utd: Choupo-Moting targeted for CR7 replacement 11/08Betis: Fekir, Newcastle will win a bid 11/08Angers: a last chance for Baticle? 11/08FIFA: the World Cup in Qatar, Blatter’s regret 11/08Denmark: a first list with Eriksen 11/08Man Utd: Ronaldo’s departure awaits this winter 11/08Lyon: Govou’s observation after the Olympico 11/08OM: Gerson is at least €20m 11/08OM: its future, Harit confirms! 11/08PSG: Gueye did not plan to leave 11/08Tottenham: Conte attacks supporters 11/08PSG: Caillot explains the deal for Ekitike 11/08Real: Ancelotti explains defeat 11/07Esp. : Real defeated, Bara leading! 11/07L2: ASSE relapse Metz 11/07Miscellaneous: the call of the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) of Dall’Oglio 11/07Man Utd: Raiola, Pogba’s anecdote 11/07OM: call option exercised for Harit 11/07Lecce: Umtiti Razor 11/07Nice: Favre sees a new Schmeichel 11/07PSG: Confident clot for Ekitike 11/07Cameroon: Eto’o wants to be inspired by Mourinho 11/07Liverpool: Klopp saves Real 11/07PSG: Bayern, affordable draw for Bodmer
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