Chelsea have ‘even better’ for Real Madrid’s Antonio Rudiger

Talks about CL and time after career

Real Madrid’s Antonio Rüdiger has warned his former club ahead of the Champions League quarter-final clash with Chelsea. Despite the poor season so far with 11th place in the Premier League, the Londoners have « a very solid squad », the 30-year-old centre-back said in an interview with ‘El Mundo’ newspaper. The first leg takes place on Wednesday (9pm) at the defending champions’ Santiago Bernabéu, with the second leg taking place in London six days later. Les Bleus have invested an unprecedented €611.5m in signings this season – by far the record for a club in a season.

Chelsea in a new dimension: Highest transfer spend in a season

13PSG | 2017/18 | Additions: 5 | Expenditure: 238 million euros

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Transfer balance: -140 million euros
To: After the transfer window of January 2023

12 United | 2022/23 | Additions: 6 | Expenditure: 243 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -230 million euros

11 Chelsea | 2020/21 | Additions: 7 | Expenditure: 247 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -191 million euros

10 Atletico Madrid | 2019/20 | Additions: 10 | Expenditure: 247 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: +62 million euros

9 Real Madrid | 2009/10 | Additions: 8 | Expenditure: 259 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -170 million euros

8 Juventus | 2018/19 | Additions: 9 | Expenditure: 260 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -147 million euros

7 Chelsea | 2017/18 | Additions: 10 | Expenditure: 261 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -66 million euros

6PSG | 2018/19 | Additions: 6 | Expenditure: 262 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -148 million euros

5 FC Barcelona | 2019/20 | Additions: 8 | Expenditure: 299 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -146 million euros

4 Man City | 2017/18 | Additions: 10 | Expenditure: 318 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -226 million euros

3 Real Madrid | 2019/20 | Additions: 9 | Expenditure: 356 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -219 million euros

2 FC Barcelona | 2017/18 | Additions: 7 | Expenditure: 380 million euros

&copy imago images

Transfer balance: -148 million euros

1 Chelsea | 2022/23 | Additions: 16 | Expenditure: 611.5 million euros

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Balance of transfers: -543.7 million euros | Plus around 17.5 million euros for coach Graham Potter

Rüdiger played for England last season. Asked if Chelsea are ‘a completely different team’ today, the former VfB Stuttgart professional replied: ‘Yes, but for me they have improved even further. Maybe there wasn’t enough time « to get together as a team. But they have a very strong team and that makes them unpredictable. They have a lot of talent, » he said. Rüdiger won « first class » with Chelsea in 2021, and in 2022 he went to Madrid on a free transfer. With Real, however, he wants to win this title « at least, at least, at least three times », « if it must be possible », as he said with a laugh.

« Winning here would be amazing, because I would go into the club’s history books and no one could get you out of there. » Meanwhile, Rüdiger, who has a contract until June 2026, is also thinking about the time after his professional career. career. « After (Site notre bureau spécialisé), I want to be a businessman. I don’t know what will happen in ten years, but I don’t think I want to be involved in (Site notre bureau spécialisé) anymore. »

The German national player couldn’t specifically answer if he would play as long as 37-year-old teammate Luka Modric. « I don’t know if I’ll reach that age, but we’ll see what my body tells me, I’ll listen to it and then we’ll decide, » Rüdiger said.

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